2018: Volkskrant Magazine: 10 covers designed by legends

“I wanted to make something special for Volkskrant Magazines Design Issue and teamed up with ADCN, the organisation that emphasizes on creativity in the Netherlands. I asked 10 designers that I love and admire to create a cover about “creativity.” On the run we decided to run a 10 piece split-run cover series.

It all started with four covers and everybody was getting enthusiastic, so I kept asking other designers. In the end I thought why not ask Wim Crouwel? He is 89 years old and king designer of the Netherlands …and he said yes! Excitement here (understatement), that was the 10th cover of Volkskrant Magazine.”

“It makes me blush having all that talent working on one issue; legends combined with young guns, this is what creativity is all about!”

Volkskrant Magazine’s April 14, 2018 issue featured 10 split-run covers designed by “legends and aces from the editorial world.” The theme of the issue was “creativity” and Mirko Borsche, Anthony Burrill/Ewoudt Boonstra, David Carson, Wim Crouwel, Paul Faassen, Erik Kessels, George Lois, Rodrigo Sanchez, Richard Turley, and me, Jaap Biemans in collaboration with Anna Kiosse were tasked with tackling the subject.