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A video portrait of art director Jaap Biemans also known as Coverjunkie. Read Jaap’s story on The Folks Magazine: an independent magazine that shares in-depth stories of today’s creative and adventurous Folks of Amsterdam.


Interview about designing magazines and the talent involved.

Uploaded by Mercurs 2016 on 2016-09-13.


“Talkshow about design”
invited at the talkshow from fab guys from La Bolleur, Amsterdam

Talk Munich 2015, Germany.
“He is the guy behind the Coverjunkie, a daily shout-out to the best designed magazine covers in the world. It’s a heads-up to that specific creativity that was not shown anywhere yet. Excactly that creativity is the reason paper mags rock and surviving the online hype”


Winning Cover of the Year award by the Mercurs, Amsterdam 2018

Designing a stamp is the best thing for a designer, an honor!

Here Jaap Biemans (artdirector van het Volkskrant Magazine) about this honor