Yay my first appearance on The Stack; the best radio show about design. Nervous here caus eof that language thing 🙂 Listen back


interview De Morgen newspaper, Belgium

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My best work so far!
i just became a dad of beautiful Bobbie Juul Biemans <3

Not a lot of posts this week but have some good ones saved last week, they’re coming up soon!
Talk later everybody!


All smiles here;
THE COVERJUNKIE MAGAZINE now available in the collection of bookstore MoMA PS1 museum, Brooklyn, New York

MoMA | Affiliation with MoMA PS1

interview with ace MagCulture

You ALL know the MAGCULTURE blog i think, if not….
you GOTTO check it, always the latest news about magazines, great stuff!

Sweet to be featured ace MagCulture:

At Work With: Jaap Biemans, CoverJunkie – magCulture

Q&A coverjunkie Bob Newman

This was fun… read here a little interview with me together with mag guru Bob Newman

The Coverjunkie exhibit!

Impression of the Coverjunkie exhibit at Dutch Design Week, at restaurant Radio Royaal, Eindhoven

The Coverjunkie exhibit

Coverjunkie is gonna show up during the Dutch Design Week with some big cover designs taken out of the Coverjunkie Magazine

Everybody fly over, there’s gonna be vinyl, espresso, chesterfields and covers covers covers in the most fab restaurant Radio Royaal 😀

meeting Noma Bar

Artist Noma Bar finally having his own show in Amsterdam, special guy, one of my favorites to work with. See here his covers on Coverjunkie.com

winner Prix de C’oeuvre

I’m on holiday now so time to take a look back at the winner of this years PRIX DE C’OEUVRE and this was indeed a very humble experience for me personally.

The big winner was Intermediair magazine for its entire catalog of cover designs of the last years… and i was working as art directing here for the last 8 years 😀

The winner of the public vote was Linda magazine, congrats!

silver SPD award for Coverjunkie Magazine

The SPD award is THE biggest one to win if you ask me. Lots of people out of the bizz are judging and discussing each entry.

THE most thrilling moment for me in 2012 was winning the silver award SMALL MAGS / SELF PUBLISHED with my own Coverjunkie Magazine. This was something i could not think off starting this whole project… 🙂

The golden SPD award in the category SMALL MAGS / SELF PUBLISHED was for Victory magazine; well deserved, great mag that is, try to pick it up!

Wanna read more about my Coverjunkie magazine

Mister Turley & Mister Leslie & Mister Biemans

Yesterday there was this big event; The National Cover Event 2012 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

I enjoyed listening to a jam-packed programme and did a little talk myself. Afterwards good times with with ace designers Richard Turley (middle) from Bloomberg Businessweek and Jeremy Leslie (right) from fab MagCulture

Like that wasn’t enough, also Intermediair won PRIX DE C’OEUVRE for their entire catalog of covers! It’s the mag i was working for like 8 years (since last month), congrats to their whole team!

SPD awards show NYC

An unforgettable magazine weekend!
I attended the SPD award gala and it was so ace!
Great to meet all the creative designers behind the fab mags from all around the world. Such a good vibe.

This year the Gold Award winner for MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR was Bloomberg Businessweek (more about the winners will follow soon on Coverjunkie)

interview NRC newspaper read here

winning SPD award

Can i handle this?
I just won the silver SPD (Society of Publication Designers) award in the categorie independent magazines, a humble experience.

It started as a fun project and now its winning this prestigious award among other fantastic mags and designers.

Yeah I won!

I just won the silver SPD award in the categorie ‘independent magazines’, a humble experience.

It started as a fun project and now it’s winning this prestigious award among other fantastic mags and designers.

wanna read some reviews about my mag
still available, read here

3 days to go

Wooha, is The Coverjunkie Magazine going to win a SPD award?

It started as a fun project and now it’s nominated for the prestigious SPD AWARDS Print Medal Finalists in categorie ‘Self Published.’ (yes you heared it right!!!)

Read here some reviews about the mag
still available, 12 dollar, read here

Coverjunkie & Facing Pages

An ace magazine about independent magazines… the Facing Pages Festival:
a three-day event (formerly O.K. Festival) that brings independent magazine makers and aficionados to Arnhem. The event itself takes on the form of a magazine, and shows which part the independent magazine currently plays in the development of our visual culture.

I was speaking also, the closer on saturday, here the complete line up… fab names as Jeremy Leslie, Laura Meseguer, Paul Willoughby, Matt Bochenski and Michael Bojkowski… all cool!

20/04/12 facingpages2012

first time speaking, in english at Facing Pages
best mag fest EVER 🙂
Here my interview on camera

whats your fav mag?

“This issue has already been stolen from my office.”

A big smile from behind my laptop when i read about the favorite magazine from Fast Company’s Design Director Florian Bachleda;
he picked the Coverjunkie Magazine as his favorite on the great SPD website!
Thanks Florian i send you one more, better hide it somewhere good 🙂

SPD 47: Florian Bachleda’s Favorite Magazine

mag design heaven nyc

This was the best weekend ever!
Spend 3 days judging the SPD awards in New York.
All the good design stuff was there, and above all; the nicest people around.

Upper left, the co-chairs:
Left: Jeremy Leslie, MagCulture (and thanks for stealing your pic upper right 🙂
Middle: Luke Hayman from Pentagram Design
Right: Richard Turley from Bloomberg Businessweek

Underneath left: design director Bob Newman from Newmanology

Thanks SPD, Josh and Keisha!

meeting mister Lois

What a giant!
I just spended some time with George Lois in his stylish apartment in the Union Square neighboorhood. Im all smiles! We talked about NBA basketball, european soccer and magazine design off course.

Cause he was part of the Coverjunkie Magazine i gave him some copies and he signed my collected Esquires from the 60s. After an hour the doorbell rang and he came back with a great package… his new book arrived: “Damn good advice. For people with talent”, order here.
(will tell you more about the book later)

To mark Georges greatness: the covers he created shown at the MoMA in NYC. MoMA | George Lois: The Esquire Covers

reviews Coverjunkie magazine
Designing, writing & publishing Coverjunkie Magazine

The new york times reviews Coverjunkie

Coverjunkie Magazine – The New York Times – The 6th Floor


This blog is always worthwile checking; “The 6th Floor, where staff members, editors, designers, writers, photo editors and researchers , share ideas, arguments, curiosities and links.”

the Coverjunkie Magazine

A lot of people dont know Coverjunkie published its own independent magazine…
it won an SPD award in the category “design independent mags” and is for sale at the MoMA PS1 museum bookstore, Brooklyn, New York (or drop me a line)

For me this was the hottest thing ever, here some reviews:

The New York Times
Society of Publishing Designers, New York
Creative Review

Published in 2012… 96 pages jam-packed with the best covers and interviews with the most ace magazine designers like – Arem Duplessis (New York Times Mag) – Richard Turley (Bloomberg Businessweek) – Matt Willey (Port Magazine) – Rodrigo Sanchez (Metropoli) – Francesco Franchi (IL) – Robert Newman (Readers Digest) & magazine legend George Lois (Esquire)

Coverjunkie the movie

see here:

Coverjunkie Magazine – YouTube

Coverjunkie & Magculture

MagCulture is one of the most ace blogs in magazine country (go check that site!),
and here theyre reviewing Coverjunkie Magazine… woopi!

Coverjunkie Mag is an independent mag and just realeased.
A must read for all you cover lovers.

96 pages jam-packed with the best covers of 2011 and interviews with the greatest magazine designers like
-Arem Duplessis (new York Times Mag)
-Richard Turley (Bloomberg Businessweek)
-Matt Willey (Port Magazine)
-Rodrigo Sanchez (Metropoli)
-Francesco Franchi (IL)
-Robert Newman (Readers Digest)
and the legend George Lois

coverjunkie & huffington

Sweet cooperation on The Huffington Post.
Cause its that time of the year!
Pick the 3 most creative covers in The Best Magazine Covers Of 2011

some ink

Hot off the press! 🙂

I just came back from the printer, see pics other post.
Fab feeling to see all the white paper lined up and looking for ink.

A great read for all you design lovers out there.
All ready in pre order, pretty exciting

96 (!) pages jam-packed with the best covers and interviews with the best magazine designers like:

-Arem Duplessis (New York Times Mag)
-Francesco Franchi (IL)
-Richard Turley (Bloomberg Businessweek)
-Matt Willey (Port Magazine)
-Rodrigo Sanchez (Metropoli)
-Robert Newman (Readers Digest)
and THE legend George Lois

The Coverjunkie Mag hot off the press

I just came back from the printers, see pics.
Fab feeling seeing all those pieces of paper lined up and ready to go for some ink.

A great read for all you cover lovers out there.
And in pre order here, excitement!

96 (!) pages jam-packed with the best covers and interviews with the best magazine designers like:
-Arem Duplessis (new York Times Mag)
-Francesco Franchi (IL)
-Richard Turley (Bloomberg Businessweek)
-Matt Willey (Port Magazine)
-Rodrigo Sanchez (Metropoli)
-Robert Newman (Readers Digest)
and THE legend George Lois

stressie about the Coverjunkie Magazine

My room is a mess, working day and night on the deadline The Coverjunkie Magazine.

Sorry about not posting for a couple of days now.

Deadline is right now. Tomorrow to the printer; this is gonna be good… a sweet holiday present anyone?

a Coverjunkie cover

Wooha, a bit much to handle 🙂
Photographed as the Coverjunkie logo on new cover Villamedia: magazine for journalists and media professionals, read here the interview

Photography by the brilliant Martin Dijkstra Fotografie

kick-off Coverjunkie website

Yep i did it 🙂

Coverjunkie celebrates creative magazine covers ..

Desgined book cover for authors John Schoorl & Paul Onkenhout, searching for the fifth Beatle.

choosen as 1 of 50 posters during the elections in the Netherlands 2021. See them all here, Algemene Beschouwingen,



15/04/18 10 covers designed by legends

15/04/18 10 covers designed by legends

design Ewoudt Boonstra & Anthony Burrill design Jaap Biemans lettering Anna Kiosse Een magazine, tien heel bijzondere covers design Paul Faassen design George Lois design Wim Crouwel design Rodrigo Sanchez design Richard Turley artwork Justin Metz design Erik...

15/12/2016 Winning Artdirector of the Year

15/12/2016 Winning Artdirector of the Year

just won Mercur Award for Artdirector of the Year: here me and my team: on the right ace editor-in-chief Corinne van Duin, on my right photo-editor Heike Gulker, second right designer Melissa Peen and next to me in the middle Karin van Gilst, who gave me my first...